1 Mac, 2 external monitors- switching active monitors/ opening new chrome window in a diff. monitor

Hi all!
I have one mac and 2 external monitors (no mirroring) that I run simotaniously, switching between the three. While my active window is in monitor 1, as an example, I'd like to use KM to open a new chrome window in the 2nd monitor.

I'm a brand new NEWBIE in every sense of the word.. I've been using KM for all of 5 days. Learning the lingo has been a challenge, so while I'm searching for my own answers.. it's possible what I'm looking for is right in front of me. I appreciate your patience and guidance as I learn the ropes! Learning curve in full effect.

I think I would break it down into two aims:

  1. Tell Chrome to open a new window.
  2. Move the window to monitor 2 if it did not appear there.

You could combine those aims into one macro, but I think it might be better to keep them as two separate ones, to avoid unnecessary complexity and to give you more control (for instance, you might sometimes want a step "1a", e.g. to enter the URL before moving the window).

Macro 1 could just consist of a Select menu action. "New window" would be the menu item to select. Then just assign your choice of trigger.

For macro 2, you could try the macro that Peter Lewis posted in the forum thread Move window to next screen, and maintain its position.

Don't expect it to go away. Indeed, it's good that it doesn't. The forum is always here to help.

I have just chanced upon a more recent post of relevance, by @cdthomer: Repeatedly Position a Window (For Machines That Suffer From the Window Positioning Bug). So... if things don't work as intended when moving the window, I am sure Chris, for one, will be able to offer expert advice.