1Password isn't being launched in my startup sequece

I have keyboard maestro engage a start up sequence for me each morning. One of the programs that I want to start up is 1Password. But it's not starting up for some reason.

It appears to be selected correctly and the other programs start up exactly like they always have and like they should. Something is kind of strange.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried running the single Open 1Password Action on its own just to see if it can open 1Password? (You use the right hand gear menu in the Action to “try” that Action on its own.)

(I did have to change my own Action when I upgraded to 1Password 8 by reselecting 1Password in the dropdown in the actual Keyboard Maestro Action. Previously the App had been called "1Password 7" and now it is called "1Password")

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I did just try what you suggested and it was not opening. So I went through the menu process of selecting it again and selected 1Password. What was weird is that I also upgraded from 7 to 8 and noticed that it was called 1Password. Once I did this again, now it opens when I select it in the menu.


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