8.0.5 update glitch

I ran the "8.0.5" update and it did not complete. The computer completely "hung" and I was forced to do a forced shutdown. After restarting KM did not automatically launch. Attempting to launch KM resulted in this Finder message:

Should I drag it from the trash and try the update again?

Disclaimer, I have been having unusual system "beachballs" since running the most recent "El Capitan" security update (10.11.6). Don't know if it related.

There are actually several versions of KM in the trash:

Would I drag out the one referenced in the error message?

Another update:
I took a chance and retrieved the reference KM app from the trash, launched and re-ran the updated. Worked like a charm.

I haven’t heard of any other update issues, and nothing in the update system has changed in a while. My guess in that the computer ran into other problems during the update and that caused the update to fail.

You can always download a clean replacement application from our archive site at:


Replacing the application will not affect your macros (assuming it is the same or similar version you are replacing - going to a much earlier or much later version can sometimes affect your macros).