A macro that simulates a fast double press of the F19 key

Howdy folks, I recently started using an app (Shush) to control muting and unmuting of my microphone as my AppleScript does not work with my new headset. But the app requires you to double-tap the hotkey to toggle the mute. I have the hotkey setup as F19 on my keyboard (Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad), and would like to make a macro that simulates a double tap on that key.

Ideally, the macro would have the same trigger, the F19 key, so I would just press it once, and it would simulate a double press, thereby activating the app's mute/unmute function. But I can't seem to get anything to work like that. I thought it would be such a simple feat but I'm stumped.

I also can't interface with the app any other way as it is a simple menu bar app without and menu items that I could normally access through the "Select a Menu Item" function. The app works great, but I just dislike having to double press the hotkey to toggle mute (yes, I am THAT lazy haha). Can anybody tell me if this is possible?

Thanks in advance!

I didn't test this but will something like this work? You can try it with or without the set action delay or you can modify the action's timing. Give it a try and let us know.

Hmmm I tried but it doesn't work. I tried a variety of difference intervals, but it's like the computer doesn’t register them as real keystrokes for Shush to pick up.

Ok. I'll give up after you try this. Click the gear icon for the simulate keystroke action and select Shush from that menu. See if it can be forced.

I tried that as well but it has no effect. If by menu only application.....it appears in the menu bar as an icon (like WiFi or Volume etc.), but it doesn't have any actual menu items that can be accessed through Keyboard Maestro's Select a Menu Item.

Here's screenshots of what the app consists of.

Screenshot 2020-06-09 17.59.18
The menu bar icon (the one in the middle, of the microphone)

Screenshot 2020-06-09 17.59.29
The drop down menu when you click on the icon.

Screenshot 2020-06-09 17.59.37
The preferences interface...

Screenshot 2020-06-09 17.59.42
...and the other preferences interface

Since I don't have the app, I'm tapped out man. Maybe someone else can throw out a suggestion.