A Marketing - Business Idea for KM

I just discovered that you can insert text when triggered by typing a string. Nice.

My point is that with the recent upgrade in the pricing of text expander app - many users are disappointed with that model.

It would seems that since KM can do the same basic job as TE - plus MUCH more - this would be a good time for KM to jump into some clever marketing / competition ideas and get some new happy customers

This is probably true.

Those that have known me for a long time (and I’ve been doing this for 20 years) know that marketing is not my forte. Also, I’m old school, and I prefer in general to just make something as good as I can make it and the let my customers market for me. And competitors (whether direct, or just somewhat overlapping like TextExpander) just push everyone to be better.

So while I welcome TextExpander users to come use Keyboard Maestro, either exclusively or along side TextExpander, I’m pretty happy for them to make their own choices as to what constitutes good value and whether they are comfortable with subscription pricing.

Keyboard Maestro has paid upgrades, and I prefer this system because it ensures that I have the right feedback loop in place to keep me working as much for existing customers as for new customers, but some people want free upgrades. Everyone simply needs to make their own choices on what they choose to support.

So to TextExpander customers I simply say, as I say to everyone really, try Keyboard Maestro out and see if it is worthwhile. Same for TextExpander really. Then make your choice as to what works best for you.

So, with all that said, the things that I (and others) have done that showcase what Keyboard Maestro can do in the text expansion realm include:

And to finish, since I am terrible at marketing, if you like Keyboard Maestro and would like it to succeed (even more), then tell your friends and colleagues how much time it can save them!