A proposal for a collection of resource pages

Rather than reinventing the wheel, perhaps you could contribute here:


They already have a WikiBook on AppleScript:
AppleScript Programming

a great reference to add to a list of resources — I want pages of references, not substance — I don’t know why I am not getting this across

Maybe we are all clueless, or maybe, just maybe, it is something else.

The main wiki page points to the Scripting page, and the Scripting page points to the JavaScript for Automation page.

Sure. You find the staff to deal with 3000 fake accounts and whatever other nefarious things that would follow from that and I’ll re-enable it, otherwise if you want an account, you need to contact me.

How would that be better than adding the AppleScript links to the AppleScript wiki page?

I don’t see how having one “Reference” page with dozens of links on unrelated subjects is better than having the links on the existing pages about the subject.

Very sorry. I was unclear. By “anybody” I mean responsible members of this community.[quote=“peternlewis, post:24, topic:4126”]
The main wiki page points to the Scripting page, and the Scripting page points to the JavaScript for Automation page.

Ah, so it does. Having been very familiar with the original manual, I just assumed that Scripting meant the information about the interaction between AppleScript and KM. It never would have occurred to me that it branched out so widely.

The challenge is visibility (finding things you didn’t know you were looking for or were available) and access (making it easy as possible to get to something — typically a link, but could be a search, etc.) not presence (that something is there is nice, but the less obviously visible and accessible it is the less people will find it, or at least they will find it only in the context of a specific search and not realize how much richer the material is that is available to them).

And I promise, this is my last post on this topic. I would say you could close it, except maybe other people want to weigh in.

Any responsible member of this forum is more than welcome to ask for an account on the wiki.

The two Scripting pages (in /Scripting and /manual/Scripting are an example of the harmonising I still have left to do between the User Manual (aka Documentation) and the wiki. This is something I will get to shortly hopefully, and is something I need to do because while I’m happy to have anyone pretty freely editing the wiki, I still want the User Manual to be a fairly formal document from Stairways rather than a more free form community driven wiki. But I also want them to integrate well, and that needs to be done carefully.

I agree, I think it’s been discussed sufficiently. If you want to make a Resources or perhaps more accurately Links page on the wiki, I’m happy for you to do that and fill it full of links to whatever resources are available. Alternatively, if you want to do it on github’s wiki, that might make sense too and removes any limitation that being on the Keyboard Maestro wiki might impose (though that might also remove any kind of focus and lead to simply a link site that links to the entire Internet!). Either way sounds find to me though.

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