A ticking clock

Will attempt the make this least confusing as possible. I basically have an action using "Until" to get a value via Applescript that continuously runs until the value 02:29 appears then pops up a notification telling me how much time used. This works but it seems that since it runs continuously that between 2:29 and 2:30 it pops up 3 notifications instead on just one in that second. The clock I get value from is only in 00:00 format not 00:00:00, anyway to make the notification pop up just once? This is from an internal work related app so it doesn't leave much flexibility for scripting.

Remember the time the macro last detected the condition, and ignore it if it is less than a minute ago (or remember the day and only work once per day, depending on your requirements).

Possibly useful functions:

Useful actions:

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