A way to convert multiple Mac mail messages into one email with text and URL's

I am looking for an app or workflow for Mac or iOS that can be used to convert multiple news summary emails into a single shorter email or newsletter.

I am part of a group where we have one person (83yr old academic) forwarding on things like the wall Street journal daily update, CNN daily up date etc as single emails.

Recipiants are in the 70’s to 80’s age group and mail is their key way of keeping up to date.

Means we get about 20 emails a day. Looking to cut it down to one email with all the short summaries and URL to the source articles. Any suggestions.

The multiple email is killing me.

If you select a number of Mail messages in your Mac Mail inbox, you can then use File > Save As to export the selected messages into a single RTF file. That would probably just serve as a starting point for what you’re ultimately trying to do since that would include the common, basic header info found in emails, things like From, To, Date, etc. You or someone else here may be able to more succinctly streamline that RTF output, but at least this gets the summary emails into one file.

Edit: You can also select multiple messages and then invoke the Forward command, at which point the messages have been combined into a single email that can be forwarded, again included the basic header info like, From, To, etc.