Ability to save size of resized HTML prompt

With KM 8’s “resizable” option for HTML prompts, is it possible to retrieve the size of the window or otherwise save it so that the next time I get prompted, the new size is automatically applied? (ideally, position, too!)

Figured it out:

function KMWindow() {
	winBounds = window.KeyboardMaestro.GetVariable("savedTestWindowPosition");
	if(!winBounds) {winBounds = "25,25,640,480";}
	return winBounds;

function savePosition() {
	window.KeyboardMaestro.SetVariable('savedTestWindowPosition', [window.screenX, window.screenY, window.outerWidth,window.outerHeight].join(',') );

function submitWindow(event) {
	window.KeyboardMaestro.Submit( event );

Feature request, @peternlewis: Have the window handle a beforeUnload event so that whether the window’s submitted, cancelled, or just closed/escaped, we can call a function. I tried using this script and didn’t have success:

function KMInit() {
    window.addEventListener("beforeUnload", savePosition, true);

In case it’s useful for others, this event listener DOES work, so at least you can save the window position if you resize it:

window.addEventListener("resize", savePosition, true);

Demo macro that does this thing. Shout out to @DanThomas for pointing me in the right direction.

Custom HTML Prompt that Saves Size and Position.kmmacros (3.9 KB)

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