Accessing a sub-menu that requires mouse movement

(See link to video below for a better explanation)

In my notation software there is a sub menu titled "Track Options". The only way to get to it is to first right click, then hover your mouse over the secondary option which reveals the Track Options selection. I'm not aware of an option within KM to follow a mouse movement (unless there is and I'm not finding it). Regardless, is there a way to program a macro to select this sub menu option, perhaps even not involving following a mouse movement?

Try this:

  • Right click at current mouse position
  • Pause 0.1s (might not be necessary)
  • Insert Text by Typing "options"
  • Simulate keypress Return

Thanks, noisneil. I'm afraid that I'm a little lost on the 'simulate keypress return' part. Are you saying to just arbitrarily type the word "options"?

When the menu is open, it is usually enough to type the first few letters of a menu item so that this item is highlighted. In this concrete case it would be "opt".

What should also be possible is the navigation with the arrow keys.

Everything you do manually can also be done by KM.

I think Neil means this. Important is "typing" not "pasting".

And then this action


Ah! I never even knew that one could simply type in the name of an option on a given menu and have it highlighted like that - brilliant! From there all I need to do is hit arrow right, then enter. Problem solved! Thanks guys.