Accessing Anchors

In KBM, there's a function to access the Accessibility Preferences Pane:

But is there one to access individual anchors under that pane, like Voice Over?

Currently, I'm using tab+down-arrows to do that:

But with this Apple Script (written by user arw on macrumors), one can access the Voice Over anchor (which MacOS calls "Dictation") directly, making me think KBM might have an "Anchor" function (though I've not been able to find it). The benefit of directly accessing the anchor is that it's faster.

If not, I'd be happy to change this to a feature request.

I’m not aware of a KM native method of accessing specific portions of Preferences panes. @peternlewis could confirm or deny this.

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No, there is no specific native Keyboard Maestro facilities to access anchors in System Settings.