Action failed executing a shell script. No matching processes..What failed?

This appears in my KM Engine Console log, inconsistently:

2023-08-15 14:10:04 Action 12382524 failed: Execute a Shell Script failed with script error: No matching processes belonging to you were found

I could go into a lot more detail, but it would be nice to know what Shell Script is failing or how to map Action 12382524 to something I can look at.

The next version of Keyboard Maestro lets you search for action:12382524.

You can go to the Last Aborted Action in the View menu, or you can use AppleScript to select the action.

The error “No matching processes belonging to you were found” is being returned from the script. A search of the net seems to indicate killall as the likely culprit.

Thank you.

I do a “killall Finder” when I hide or show desktop icons. Maybe there’s another way to do that. I’ll investigate.

Yes, you could just use the action to Force Quit the Finder. In fact just Quit & Launch is probably all you need:

Very helpful. Indeed, it was the case that Finder had to be active.

Quick question: does “quit and relaunch” imply that the Finder is running upon completion of that action or do I need an explicit “pause until” Finder is running?

Very helpful in tracking this down. Here's the scheme I went with.

Show and Hide desktop icons.kmmacros (6.9 KB)

Quit and Relaunch quits the application, waits for it to quit and then launches it.

There are multiple other options in the action to suit your need (including Force Quit and non relaunching).

MacOS auto-relaunches Finder. Special case. So, I'm assuming it's not built in to "quit and relaunch". So I inserted an explicit "pause until Finder is running" action.