Action suggestions: elseif and more granular menu controls

I had a couple of ideas for KM actions:

Elseif. This could be added to the existing if/then action. The user could add elseifs into the middle of the action and then end with the mandatory else. I often end up with a lot of nested if/thens, and I know this would solve that problem.

More granular select/show menu item controls. I often find myself having to first check if a menu item is available, and then if so, select it. It would be great to have these bundled into one action. Options could include:

  • Select if unmarked
  • Select if marked
  • Select if enabled (handy so that a disabled menu item doesn’t produce a failure)

OR am I overlooking better solutions for the above?


Oh also,

Window title condition trigger. I love “focussed window title [whatever].” But if KM could look into background windows too, I might use that.

Switch action ?


Is that a new KM7 action?
I don’t see it in KM6. :frowning:

IAC, it looks great. Something I often need.

Oh, perfect!

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Its generally better to use one topic per idea, otherwise you end up with a topic that has a confused title and a bunch of intermingled comments relating to different concepts.

Yes, Switch/Case is new in 7 and mostly eliminates the need for ElseIf. Not entirely, but close enough that its far down the list now.

“Select if enabled” is the same as just selecting it and turning off notification and aborting.

“Select if marked/unmarked” is a viable option. Its the sort of thing I could now put in the Gear menu where before I would have said it adds too much complexity. I don’t know if it will ever happen as I tend to prefer disjoint actions rather than actions with extra conditions (often actions with extra conditions are actions that had those conditions since before the condition was available as a separate clause).

The window title trigger needs to track the changes of the windows in an application - tracking all changes in all applications would be both tricky and possibly expensive.

Awesome—just used switch now that I know about it! Thank you!

Re: other times—thanks, Peter—that makes sense. If the menu stuff is too specialized to be useful, I won’t be heartbroken. Makes sense that the window stuff is too expensive.

Re: posting—duly noted!