Action to Right Click (Context Menu) on Selected Text, Irrespective of Application?

I am going bananas trying to find a reference explaining how to use the "receive ... input from ..." actions. Apple's explanation in the Shortcuts User Guide is too succinct for me.

I am looking for an explanation with examples.

I don't want to waste your time. Just in case you knew of a reference.


This Understanding input types in Shortcuts on iPhone or iPad – Apple Support (UK), maybe?

When you run a Shortcut from Services it can use the current selection, be that text or image or whatever, as input -- if the app supports such. Assuming you are still trying to script Bear, if you've some text selected then that will be the "input from Quick Actions", and you can limit what it can receive (and, by extension, when the shortcut will be available) by changing "Any" to eg "Text and Rich Text".


That's what I did not understand. Very interesting considering the difficulty of achieving the same goal with KM.

Thank you for the reference.

I just bought this book today: Take Control of Shortcuts – Take Control Books

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As I (very vaguely) understand it, it's the app making the selection available to Quick Actions. Which does suggest we could use a Quick Action-enabled Shortcut from a KM action to do the same.

Except already-selected items are generally available to KM -- via the "Copy" command and the Clipboard. The difficulty is usually "I want to right-click the selected text" or similar, and we're not doing that here because we've worked round it.

I've heard good things about it -- and I look forward to your dazzling KM/Shortcut integrations!

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Yes, good idea to centralize automation around KM.

In this case using a macro to trigger the quick action shortcut.