Action works in "Try" but not in Real Life


Just purchased KM. I’m trying to use a keystroke to launch Vienna Ensemble Pro Server and then select a file to load from the recent file menu.

Here’s what the macro looks like:

If All Conditions Met
Application ‘Cubase 8’ is not running
Application ‘Vienna Ensemble Pro Server (64-bit)’ is not running
Execute the Following Actions:
Activate Vienna Ensemble Pro Server (64-bit)
Select Menu Item in Vienna Ensemble Pro Server (64-bit)
Select: File ⇢ Open Recent Metaframe ⇢ VEP 140515 (ARC2.6)
Stop macro if menu cannot be selected.
Pause for 10 Seconds
Activate Cubase 8

When I press the key, VEP launches but nothing is loaded. However, when I click “Try” on the “Select Menu Item” action, the proper file gets loaded. I don’t understand why this is happening.

BTW, any chance to get the default application switcher design back (the one you get with Command+Tab)? Couldn’t find anything in the Preferences.


Hey @Ikko,

Chances are pretty good that you've failed to allow your application to finish launching, before you try to activate the menu item.

You can probably do something like this (with your app instead of the Finder):

You're also probably better off opening your designated file directly rather than depending upon the Recent Items Menu.

As for the app-switcher - search the documentation (available in the Help menu) for 'switch'.

You might also try searching the 'All Macros' group for same.

Best Regards,

OK this doesn’t seem to work with VEP which has three application windows and somewhat non-standard buttons.

When I do the following the file isn’t loaded from the menu:

Pause Until All Conditions Met
Application ‘Vienna Ensemble Pro Server (64-bit)’ is at the front
Menu with name containing ‘File’ is enabled

However if I ask for a 10-second pause the item is loaded. I don’t know why KM doesn’t recognize the “File” menu. I think VEP might be a tricky app. It has a small “main” window which in turns opens several “instances” windows which in turn have their own menus. The main app’s menus don’t appear in KM via “Select menu in…” when an instance is open, and I’m not sure whether it’s something that should be addressed in KM or by the VEP developers.


Select Menu Item in Vienna Ensemble Pro Server (64-bit)
Select: File ⇢ Force Disconnect All

You can select the above when you’ve just launched VEP but not if an instance is loaded. You can program a mouse click but it seems like a weird workaround.

The menu condition will check for only menu items, not menu titles - it is unusual to have a menu item named “File”, so generally that will never be true.