Activate Application when login screen showing


I need some help with a KM macro which runs in the middle of the night.

It needs to activate Firefox and then close three tabs, but it’s not managing to do so. Since it’s so long since I’ve gone to bed, the Mac has brought the login screen out and I suspect this is the problem.

Is there some way to get this to work? The Mac won’t sleep until the tabs are closed, and I don’t want it running all night.


Please post your macro so we can help.

OK, here it is
Volume Off & Sleep.kmmacros (4.6 KB)

You could disable “Require password […] after screensaver begins” in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General:

And if I don’t want to disable such a security feature? Is there any other way of getting this to work? Further, is this a known issue? Does KM have a way to enter the password into the login screen?

(Note that it works intermittently. Last night the machine did go to sleep.)

You cannot generally control the UI when the Mac is screen saving, screen locked, or screen sleeping.

You can do other actions, like run scripts, and that might work (eg Execute Script), but since Firefox is not scriptable, you’re probably out of luck given you can’t control the UI at that point.

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Oh damn! IOW it’s impossible, since I’m not prepared to allow my screen to never go to sleep (Energy Saver tells me it can be damaged by that). Well, at least I now know what I’m dealing with. Thanks…

Are you referring to “screen saver”, or to “sleep mode”?
I don’t see any possible harm in “sleep mode”.

Well, the Pref Pane calls it Display Sleep, and here's the message:

And from what @peternlewis says, even the screen saver will stop Activate Application from working, so no matter which one I'm stufferood.

Valuable info, thanks. I wasn’t aware that the three things are behaving identically in this respect.