Activate Application Works in KM Editor Run but Not Using the Hotkeys

On a Mac:

I created a Macro to Activate Application Dorico Pro 4, pause 5.5 secs, Center Front Window.

I test it with the "Run" button in the KM Editor and it works.

I use my hot key: CNTL+OPT+CMND+D and it opens up Dorico SE (not Dorico Pro 4). I'm a new KM user and I don't know what the heck is going on.

Help? Very frustrating.

I'm attaching a screenshot to show what the Macro looks like.

Thanks for your time...

Hey Ben,

Well, that sequence of events doesn't seem to reasonable – does it?

Please post your actual macro – too many tricky details fall through the cracks when just images and/or written descriptions are posted.


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Here's my macro:

Activate a Specific Application Action (v10.2)

Activate a Specific Application.kmactions (737 B)

Keyboard Maestro Export

You had the action selected rather than the macro, so only the action was uploaded. (One of KM's tricky features...)

Please try again – after making sure the macro in the macro list is selected.

Here's my Macro:

Activate Dorico 4 Macro (v10.2)

Activate Dorico 4.kmmacros (3.2 KB)


I don't see anything wrong with the macro per se, but in general:

  • Application-specific macros should be in a macro-group tied to a specific app.
  • Your activate macro should be in an obviously global macro-group.
  • I tend to separate activate app and center window actions into different macros.
    • Although there are several ways to go about this.


Just to start with what you've got:

  • I'm guessing when you assigned the Dorico 4 app to the two different actions either you did something wrong or the system did due to the similarity of the two Doricos.

Try changing “Match by Default” to “Match by Path”:


And then reselect the correct version of Dorico 4 using the “Other...” menu item and NOT the app in the app list above.

Let me know how that works for you.

Thank you for the reply.
I still get the Dorico LE version being activated when using the hot key.
I use Run in the Editor and it activates Dorico Pro 4 and centers the window when opened.


Change the hotkey to something simple like F1, and see what happens.

Good Lord!

F1 works!
Tried something else: OPT + F1 and that works as well.
I guess that other hot key is buggy?
Thanks for your time! I'm finally off and running.

Add note:

Dorico LE is not in the Applications Folder. It's just Dorico 4.
The "LE" version is Dorico Lite, if you will, and runs as the inexpensive option if you decided Pro wasn't for you and you would rather use the "Lite" version.
Again, much appreciated.

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I'm guessing that Dorico has a special function on launch when certain modifier keys are pressed.

  • When having a problem with hotkeys – Troubleshooting 101 is to try a different hotkey.

  • I make it a practice to NEVER use the run buttons to run macros in Keyboard Maestro – unless you know exactly what you're doing there are pitfalls that can cause you to waste minutes or hours of time.
    • I always test with the simplest possible hotkey trigger – usually F1, because it's an easy reach for me – and I don't use it for other things.
      • F1 doesn't use any modifier keys and is therefore even safer than F1 for testing.

  • You have a lot to learn – and many of those things are not particularly intuitive.
    • Don't get too bothered or bang your head against the wall – ask questions like you have today.
    • Your adventure in Mac-Automation is just beginning...

Here's a primer on learning Keyboard Maestro:

A few tips.

Searching the forum for will give you much food for contemplation.

  • Direct search using the Magnifying Glass icon in the upper right of the KM forum page.

Spend at least a little time familiarizing yourself with the Keyboard Maestro Editor – you'd be surprised at how many users completely miss that features they want already exist.

  • Look through all the menus – you won't remember everything, but your mind will establish a framework of what to look for and where.
  • Peek through the Keyboard Maestro Editor's preferences.
  • The Keyboard Maestro actions panel in the editor (Cmd-K), and its search field.
  • The “Insert …” menu items in the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Edit menu – especially the keyboard shortcuts for same.
    • These are very useful for inserting Actions, Text-Tokens, Functions(), Variables, and Date-Strings – and for searching for same.
  • Help is available for a startling number of things.
    • Press the Option key while looking through the menus – you'll find quick access to Help for given items.
    • Note that the Editor's Insert dialogs have a help a help link for the wiki page associated with that item.
    • Actions have a gear menu with options, and you can also right-click on the action to display the same contextual menu, and these contextual menus contain a help item.

More than you wanted to know yet? :sunglasses:

I'll quit there.

Thank you.

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