Activating "Click to Transfer" in Dragon Dictate's DragonPad

I often dictate feedback into Word documents using Dragon Dictate for Mac (v. 6). Unfortunately, Dragon block the use of dictation in the Comments field. So, I have to use the globally accessible DragonPad window to dictate the text, and then click the “Transfer” button to insert the text into the Comments field in Word.

I’m trying to develop a KM shortcut that will execute “Click to Transfer” (and a few other steps), but I can’t get it to run.

Here is the Applescript, from the “Commands” window of Dragon Dictate:

set _dictateApp to (name of current application)
tell application _dictateApp
–transfer text
«event DctaxfEX»
end tell

But it won’t run when I assign that AppleScript to a keyboard shortcut. Anyone else run into this?

Hey Joel,

There’s no way it could possibly work, because you’ve destroyed any app-specific AppleScript terminology by trying to tell-by-reference.

You may be able to wrap your code in a user-terms construct similar to this one – but for the appropriate app (which I assume is Dragon).

using terms from application "Finder"
   # Your code.
end using terms from

In AppleScript when you see raw codes like «event DctaxfEX» you know something is broken.


Here's a simple way to transfer text from DragonPad to the currently selected app.
Use a hotkey to trigger.