Activation Status in Conflict Palettes

It is quite useful to use the same hotkey to toggle (activate/deactivate) several different macro groups, but it would be splendiferous if the resulting conflict palette were to indicate each listed group's current activation status next to its name in the palette. I often find myself choosing a group from the conflict palette just because I'm unsure of its status, then (after text display indicates which way the toggle went) toggling it back again. I realize I could view the activation status in the KM Editor, but I prefer not to run (or switch to) the editor unless I'm actually editing.

Hello, how do you determine the activation status (not enable/disable) of a macro group or macro ? thank you

In the osascript interface to Keyboard (AppleScript or JavaScript flavours) the Macro and MacroGroup objects both have a boolean enabled property.

So if you use an AppleScript idiom, and happen to have a macro group called "Bookends", you might obtain either true or false from an Execute AppleScript action containing:

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
    set someGroup to macro group "Bookends"
    enabled of someGroup
end tell

or an Execute JavaScript for Automation action containing:

Application("Keyboard Maestro")
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thank you very much for your prompt reply. In the meantime, @ccstone gave me a very useful tip which is to use the trigger macro by name action and its many variants