Add start and end date to Time of Day Trigger: please add to wish list and workaround in the meantime?

I very much like and use the Time of Day Trigger. The only inconvenience is that for planning purposes (in the future), there is no option to add a start and end date which I would need quite frequently.
I searched quite extensively for a cron trigger with a start and end date but did not come up with anything.
an example would be to display text in a window daily at 8pm between the 1st and 15th of December 2023-
Could a macro or combination of macros achieve this result. A macro would have to be activated at a certain date and deactivated at another date
thanks in advance for your time and help

One approach might be to trigger the macro every day but to do nothing if the current date is out of a specified range, like this:

Date Range Condition.kmmacros (22 KB)

Macro screenshot

The date is formatted as YearMonthDay, in order for it to be considered as a simple number for use in the calculations.

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brilliant ! you are a genius !! thank you so much !

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I'm not at my Mac and have not used Cron all that much, so I may be missing something, but Keyboard Maestro's Cron seems to allow for this:

  • minute (0-59)
  • hour (0-23)
  • day of month (1-31)
  • month (1-12)
  • day of week (0-6) (Sunday to Saturday)
  • Optional year (2000-2099)

For the example in the original post (daily at 8pm between the 1st and 15th of December 2023) I think this should work:

0 20 1-15 12 * 2023

Hope this helps.


very interesting. It works. I had googled it with no results.
Would it be possible, use a similar formula with more flexibility as to the time interval, for example:
ever 2 weeks at 8pm between the 1st and 15th of December 2023
This would open a whole set of possibilities
thanks very much !

Looking at the Keyboard Maestro Wiki Cron page, it appears that the slash option is what you would need (here using it to specify every 14 days between the 1st and 15th):

0 20 1-15/14 12 * 2023

Entering this in Keyboard Maestro shows a result of:

At 20:00 on day 1,15 in Dec in 2023


geat ! thanks very much !