Add Variable to URL

How can I add a variable to URL?

Attached URL works fine without the variable. But when I try to add a variable to URL (as well as %20 for a space), the URL will not work.

%Variable%CurrentReport% is a 3 or 4 word string, something like "xxxx xxxx 1234"

Any fixes?

Open URL - does not work.kmmacros (1.4 KB)

Hey Ross,

It helps to read the wiki – no spaces are allowed in URLs – use the percent-encode filter.

Open a URL action – right-clicking the action reveals a Help item – so it's relatively easy to get to.

Variables in a URL Action v1.00.kmmacros (6.3 KB)

I advise you to never assemble Paths or URLs in the actions that require them.

Assemble them first into a text variable. From there you can display the text and eyeball it for accuracy until you get the syntax just right – then send it to the desired action.

When writing code and/or macros keep in mind: AMDE (Always Make Debugging Easier). It pays big dividends in time-saved and less-stress.


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That works well many thanks Chris.

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