Adderall and KM Overuse Bad, KM Overuse Good

You read the title correctly. In a very bad place academically with the combination at this point, but I'm hoping isolating that KM variable can help dig me out.

TLDR; I'm looking for ideas/tips for rapidly speeding up my note-taking process from slideshows.

I'm currently college student who recently discovered KM, and it has consumed every second of my day. I'm absolutely amazed with the things possible with this program, especially when combining it with Java, HTML, and AppleScript.

I've landed myself in a tough spot for the first time in college. I'm very new to KM and I'm looking for some insight from the pros (or anyone with more knowledge on this) amongst this community. I've been using the above mentioned code along with KM to implement tasks within games, but assistance with note-taking and academics is a world I have yet to unfold.

I know KM is very powerful regarding this aspect, but I'm not sure where to even start. I'm unfamiliar with clipboard processes, "for each" processes, etc. I'm looking to automate my note taking process; this involves going through ~20-30 slides and copying the notes verbatim (even screenshotting certain images/diagrams) into Microsoft word before adding my own notes throughout the lecture. Maybe a process that recognizes where segments of information start, copies the information, pastes it in my preferred format, scrolls to the next slide, then repeats.

Although I'm not opposed, I'm not expecting a step-by-step tutorial for this task. I'd greatly appreciate simply being pointed in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

You're in luck, because as you've probably already discovered, the forum members here are an uncommon breed among internet users, and are unfailingly happy to help people figure out their particular problems.

I think the best way to move forward would be for you to provide screenshots or even files that typify the kind of slideshows you're dealing with. Which software are you using to view them or is it a web interface?

I'll start the ball rolling by giving you an OCR macro that may be of use when trying to copy text that can't be directly selected:

OCR - Apple Version.kmmacros (28 KB)

Macro screenshot

The macro uses the following Shortcut:

Download "OCR Clipboard" Shortcut

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Awesome man, thanks for the help!

Here are a couple example screenshots of the types of slides I'm dealing with in "Preview" on Mac:

Do you want to copy everything on a slide or only specific types of content?
Which app do you want to copy it into?
Can you supply an example slideshow file?

I'd prefer to not share an entire slideshow because they all have identifiers on them sadly :frowning:

I want to copy the lines into Microsoft word. Perhaps using an identifier, such as the lines that need the copying begin with a capital letter and each line ends with a word beginning with a lowercase letter, etc. Just spitballing I'm not sure.

Ultimately I'd like to create a system that follows this criteria with copying in one slide, going back to word and pasting/formatting it, then moving back to preview to repeat for the next slide. Maybe even finishing off at the last slide on its own. I'm not sure what the limits are here.

I might be limited in how much I can help, as I don't have any slideshows to test with, but... How about saving the whole thing as an editable pdf and then opening it in Word? You could then delete any content you don't need rather than try to programatically discern the content you do want.

If the slideshow format doesn't allow saving, then perhaps you could copy each entire page to word.

So does this mean you want all text?

Good point about opening it in word.

I was thinking of a macro that goes through, copy pasting all regular text, and then a separate macro with hot keys to activate certain formatting for each line I'm hovering.

For example: Let's say I start the first subject line with "-" (creates an indent) and then I want x amount of lines after that to format into the built list below. I wish I knew exactly what I wanted, the idea is just kind of evolving the more I think about it.

Maybe I could PM you a PDF?

Edit: The file is in the wrong format, and also needs permissions to modify.

It seems like you're yet to figure out what you want to do or how you want to do it. Generally, you should aim for the simplest method that has the lowest likelihood of failure or confusion, hence my suggestions about opening the whole thing in Word or copying everything and editing after the fact.

Once you've figured out how you want it to work, write down every manual step required to do it. We can then try and convert each step to a Keyboard Maestro action.

The "For Each" Action looks enticing. Never used it.

For starters, Is there something I could input that would automatically open up, let's say the "most recently" downloaded slideshow in a word document?

What is the file format of the slideshow?

.pdf in the preview application

Ah so it's not explicitly a "slideshow" file. Ok, have you tried simply right-clicking and opening with Word?