Adding Alfred to KM's workflow relevant?

Will do. Thanks!

@iamdannywyatt You will be happy to hear that the Alfred community is quite active in the forum :slight_smile: I know this because I have looked in often ... but Alfred never really convinced me. You are a well known BTT phobic ( :joy: just kidding), BTT has the advantage that almost everything is self-explanatory, so much help is not needed at all :smirk: The new "palettes" are going to be great. Just like short/long press is great, the notch bar... I could go on and on...

@noisneil Have you seen that BTT now has a stream deck function? No idea if it is any good. But the users are talking good about it. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah! I saw that.

Most interesting thing to me is that it can perform a different action on button release. Can't believe SD doesn't have that built in.

Worldwide known! hahaha
I will keep BTT anyway because of the snapping feature, which is something I use every single day. Everything else, so far, doesn't seem to be worth the time to even bother looking. Maybe one day I will find something, but not yet :wink:

Regarding Alfred, I will give it a try and see what happens. @noisneil seems to have some valid points there and I just need to try them and see what I get from it.

Good to know that the forum is active. That helps a lot! :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing that info!

Yes, this works everywhere in BTT. The manual says.

## Trigger on key-down / key up

BetterTouchTool allows you to select whether you want a shortcut to trigger on key down or on key up. This can be useful if you want to e.g. trigger one action on key down (e.g. middle-mouse down using the custom click predefined action) and another action on key up (e.g. middle-mouse up).

In such a case you would just configure two shortcuts with the same keys. Then you would check the "Trigger on down" checkbox for one of them.

Can't you reproduce this with one of your clever macro. You did it with your mulitpress macros after all :slight_smile:

You are indeed a challenge. But I am patient and make it my sacred duty to put you on the right path. Exactly how to do that, I still have to figure out. :rofl: :joy:

Yes, but this was a tricky one and I wondered if it might expand SD capabilities in a simpler way.

If you can use KM and BTT for clever things then maybe try Raycast instead of Alfred.

I used Alfred since version one, but after getting the above apps, I found tweaking Alfred workflows one too many things to do.

Raycast is pretty new, and harder to extend, but you get a lot of the Alfred power pack features for free. The plug-ins for it are high quality, and easy to update.


I just downloaded it and watched a few videos. Seems to be a great tool indeed. Super flexible. And the fact that developers can contribute with extensions and all that, I can see becoming a super tool. I saw a video where he was even interacting with the Unsplash website and that showed me the potential of people relying less and less on websites directly, but using apps like Raycast as a quick way to get what they want from a source (website). Amazing!

Thank you so much for sharing this piece of valuable information!

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I use Alfred as a replacement for KM palettes. Alfred's launcher style design affords more information per item in the listing and just looks a lot nicer.

In Alfred, create a workflow and give each item you want presented in the list the same trigger input keyword (you can also bind the keyword to a hotkey).


Then, I assign each input an action which uses AppleScript to call on the KM macros.


Now, when I trigger Alfred (or the hotkey assigned to this workflow–in this example, I double tap the control key), it presents a nice looking list of KM actions.


And to bring it full circle, I also use BetterTouchTool in a similar way to trigger both KM macros and Alfred workflows via trackpad gestures.

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Long time Alfred user and never thought of this! :clap:t3::clap:t3:

The only downside is the amount of faff involved setting it up compared to palettes for which I now use this.

@jasoncarulli Ok, very well done :+1:, but isn't that a maintenance nightmare? If you don't like the KM palettes and you also use BTT, then you will be happy to hear that BTT is coming very soon with new fully configurable floating palettes. At least the configuration should be much easier then. :wink:

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For this to be really useful I think it would have to call a different palette per application, and I can't see a way to do that within Alfred. I do love the idea though.

Here's a macro that will automatically create Alfred Palette entries. Change the hotkey in the green action to whatever you'd like the Alfred trigger to be. Select one or more macros in the KM Editor, trigger this macro and click in a blank Workflow space, when instructed.

Alfred - Add Palette Entry.kmmacros (44 KB)

Macro screenshot

Oh it is definitely a labor of love and 100% aesthetically induced. The good thing though, KM is the backbone–I think of it is the primary component, while BTT and Alfred just hook into it. So once I establish the set up in BTT and Alfred, the only thing I'll ever need to update is the KM macro.

Just to let you know.

At the moment BTT has floating menus (for one action).

I don't use them, because I'm waiting for the new palettes – but the menus are quite good.

I made one real quick so you can get an idea of what they can look like. Icon, text, everything in any size. The menu is navigable with the arrow keys or by tapping the first letter, number go directly to a menu item.


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Oh this is interesting. I've already been using BTT's custom context menus as an alternative to KM palettes and my Alfred alternative, but they are limited in customization (but still look nicer than KM palettes). Will look forward to the floating menus if they allow better styling customization.

BTT Screenshot

Context Menu Screenshot

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 11.16.42 AM 2

This is really cool, got it working.

I've been putting off designing my own custom HTML prompts, but maybe I'll give it a go, simplify things, and get the exact styling I want.

There are two menu types, the old and the new. Look for (NEW) in the action name, they are easy to configure, and can be changed in appearance.

I've been avoiding the BTT rabbithole simply because I feel like I'm already obsessed enough with KM without adding a whole new app to the mix. Everything I've heard is good but it seems there are slightly nicer ways of doing some things as opposed to truly compelling reasons to dive in. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

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@noisneil With your excellent KM knowledge you would understand BTT immediately. I see what you mean. Does it really need two apps that do something similar. My answer is YES. Because they complement each other perfectly and work together as if they were created for just that purpose. You once told me yourself that there are many who use both apps. Not without reason. I know you don't do much with shortcuts, you prefer to use your Stream Deck. What about the trackpad or mouse? BTT has a lot to offer here. Or typed strings? I think it's great to double tap a modifier (or any combination of modifiers only) to perform an action. What have you always wanted to do with KM, but can't? Who knows, maybe you can do it with BTT. :sunglasses:

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Yeah I don't really use mouse triggers or strings very much but I'm certainly curious to peek behind the curtain and see what else lurks within...

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