Adding to Previous Date

I have no idea how to go about this?...
Here is what I want to do...

1-I want to define my own FirstDate Variable instead of having it as today's current date. (I successfully did that)
2-I want the second date variable to add 1 day to the first date variable. (right now It adds 1 day to the current date and that is not what I want)

I feel I almost have it but I don't know how to plus 1 day to my own specified date.

Computers count dates in seconds (typically using Unix time, i.e. the number of seconds that have transpired since January 1st, 1970), so those are the numbers you need to work with for date math like this. You can use the TIME() function to get the number of seconds that correspond to a given date and save it to a variable:


then use that variable in conjunction with the ICUDateTimeFor token to format it how you want:


To add one more day to the initial date variable, you need to add the number of seconds in a single day (i.e. 60 seconds multiplied by 60 minutes multiplied by 24 hours) to that variable, which you can do with the same token:


Depending on your workflow, you could also skip the step of setting a variable to the number of seconds corresponding to a date and just use the TIME() function directly in the token:

It's also possible to use variables for the year, month, and day values in the TIME() function, like in this macro that pastes the day of the week of any given date:

Paste Day of Week for Specified Date.kmmacros (2.4 KB)