After Big SUR Some Macros Don't Behave as I Intended Them To

If your hardware does not support METAL you cannot go higher than Mojave.

Hey Thomas,

Many thanks! It looks like the patcher will support my Mid-2010 17" MacBook Pro (MacBookPro6,1).

If so, then I can at least have parity between my it and my Mid-2012 13" MacBook Air.

That would be very helpful, so I'll give it a try.  :sunglasses:


Mostly the macros run fine now, but there were instances where 'Pasting' seemed not to finish orderly... so I looked at your suggestion and have changed one 'Pause' to 'Pause Until...'

it seems to work fine no matter if the pasted is short or huge! Just to make sure I ask your oppinion on my 'fix':
and merry xmas to you