After wiping off hard disk importing macros and settings?

Hello and thanks for reading this.
I had to take my MBP to Apple for a screen replacement so I wiped off the hard disk (which I was planning anyway to do for quite some time).
I have several backups of the data and several others as clones.
I started reinstalling everything from scratch.
Just reinstalled KM.
I know I can import macros, but is there a way to import (or copy paste from User>Library or somewhere else), all the settings, preferences, palettes, etc., so I don’t have to rebuild manually all those?
Any help will be very appreciated.
If something is not clear, please ask me.

Yes. Restore “Users/your user name/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro”.

Let me know if you need more information.

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Thanks Dan!!
Will try and update how it went.

Double check the ownership and permissions of the folder and the files within it after the restore. It is common for these to be messed up after restoring the folder which leads to bad things happening when you later try to make changes to your macros.

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Thanks Peter!
This is so very true and I didn’t even think about doing it! Will do!

Did it. Works like a charm!
Made sure permissions/ownership are good.

Thank you both!
Very much appreciated!

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