Allow "Display Text" message to appear only on a specified monitor

I am using a KM Display Text action to remind me to “CHECK SYSTEM AUDIO LEVELS.” I have it set up to display 6 times over the course of my workday. I use a 2 monitor set up, the Display always appears on my Left side monitor.

My question…. Is there a way to configure the Display to appear only on the Right side Monitor?

There is a Token %LastWindowID%
I have loaded this into a variable I named 'EngineWindow' and used this variable to dismiss the KM Engine window. (The Display Text Window)
Seems like it should work to move a window

You can use the KM action Set Next Engine Window before the display text action to achieve what you want. Here's an example for you:

Test Set Next Engine Window.kmmacros (3.4 KB)

Expand to see image of macro

Read about this action in the KM wiki: action:Set Next Engine Window Position [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

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Thank You for responding,
I installed the Macro, but I do not see the Set Next Engine Window action pane.
I'm probably not understanding the Macro.

Add another action, and select the Set Next Engine Window Position action. Move it before the Display Text action.

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No problem.

I don't know what steps you took to install my example macro but the one you're showing in your post is not the one I provided.

Anyway, as @peternlewis suggests, just insert a Set Next Engine Window action before your Display Text action and set its parameters accordingly. Since you always want the text to be displayed on the second screen you can use something like this if your second screen is the one to the right:

KM 0 2022-04-29_10-13-20


Thank you Peter.... that did the trick!

Many thanks Tiffle, the Display is showing exactly where I need it.
Appreciate the help.

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