Alter Flow Based on a Keypress

I have a macro that would like the following:

  1. Once triggered it performs some simple tasks
  2. A dialog is presented and waits on a single keypress
  3. Depending on which key was pressed it performs one of several actions
    • If key1 do action1
    • If key2 do action2
    • If key3 do action3
    • If key4 do action4

Notice that I want:

  1. a single macro
  2. a single keypress rather than a key followed by pressing a button or return key.
  3. mouse input is prohibited - keyboard only

Is this possible? If yes, how do I implement it?

Probably the simplest method is to employ a Prompt for User Input action.

You can create buttons with single key hotkeys. Look for on the Wiki page above:

You can optionally assign a shortcut key by applying a suffix

There are other methods, but they're a bit more complicated.