Always switch to today on Activate Calendar

Just wanted to share a macro that's saved me from many a scheduling SNAFU. TL;DR: On activating Calendar, switch to week view and shift focus to today. If caps lock is active, do nothing.

I have my calendar app (BusyCal) running on full screen to the right of my desktop. Many times I will on a phone call or meeting with someone in person and schedule a meeting later that week (nature of my work is such that things usually happen within that same week). The problem comes in when I had already been on my calendar earlier to reference something further downstream and forget to go back to this week and end up scheduling for the wrong week.

This macro will use keystrokes (the menu activator wasn't playing nice when I made it) to switch back to "Week View" and set the focus to "Today" so that I'm always sure I'm where I need to be 95% of the time when using my calendar.

Sometimes I need to be looking at some future date whilst switching back and forth from another app. To handle that, the action is inside an If/Else. If Caps Lock is active, then the macro won't fire.

I made this because a co worker said she wished there was something that would do this and I was like, "I got KM so I'll make that happen". Hopefully some of you find this useful.

Great concept. I, too, have scheduled things on the wrong day way too many times.

Fortunately now that I’m retired, this isn’t an issue anymore. :slight_smile: But I totally appreciate what you created here. Good job.