An Interval Timer Which Begins When an App Is Opened


I wanted to ask if it was possible to create and interval timer with Keyboard Maestro,

The idea is when I open an app the timer appears on the screen and I can see it counting down.

And when it gets to zero, depending on how many intervals I choose, it will repeat the timer.

And it would be great if I could set the amount of time for the timer, the time I would like is 12 mins. so I don't want to enter 12 mins every time, it would be great if the macro already knew the timer is for 12 mins.

And that is the same for the amount of intervals, I would like it to be 5.

So when I open the app, it will begin a countdown timer for 12 mins and repeat it 5 times.

Hey Keith,

Can it be done? Sure.

Search the forum for “timer”.



Thanks i can see timers in the forum, my problem is i don't know how to edit them to how i would like them to be used. as i don't know any code for any language :frowning: