Any Improvements Planned for Stream Deck Support?

Are there any plans to improve the Stream Deck integration so you don’t have to hard link to Stream Deck buttons, similar to how KMlink works.

That sounds like a question for @peternlewis so I'll include a link to his name in my reply so that he's more likely to notice your post.

I considered it, but it did not make the cut for version 10, partially since there is KMLink, and other ways to do Stream Deck buttons.

OK @peternlewis. That is fair and sensible way to prioritise what I expect was a long backlog of potential V10 features. Thanks for the reply.

If you can keep it in consideration for the future. It would be great to be able to set the key icons and some of the other features you have, but I find having to hard link what a key does is a deal breaker for me. Being able to easily customise the key actions is much more useful.

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My biggest gripe with SD is that any information sent from KM to the SD (like setting title or image) only works if the button is in the current profile. It would be nice if that stuff could be done regardless of which profile is currently active. However, I imagine that is something Elgato would have to make possible.

In spite of that, I LOVE my SD and using KM with it.

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