Any TextMate Users? [Quickcursor replacement macro]

Asking for experienced users to examine my macro.

I'm a new KM convert. It's already been a lifesaver for my work as a teacher in dealing with hundreds of PDF forms per year. I'd like to add Quickcursor functionality as described here, but have not been able to get things working like others have.

First, I downloaded the above-linked script. Since I don't use Sublime Text, I needed to modify it for TextMate 2. It seems that someone found a way to do just that, but I could not make the changes work on my system (OS X 10.10.2).

Pedro's solution sounds elegant with multiple buffers created as needed, but I tried to cook up my own macro using only a new (but unsaved) file in TextMate. As I work out my own script, I have grown to appreciate ever more the design of KM which contains depth beneath simplicity. Anyway, Here's what I created:

I expect it to involve inelegant design, but it works in my tests. Are there any obvious ways in which my design will create conflicts or fail? I constructed the 7th action (Pause until…) because I wanted to give myself a chance to refer to another app (Dictionary, Marked, DEVONthink Pro Office, etc.) without canceling the macro.

Any help with the design is appreciated.

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I can see you might have a problem. You activate TextMate and if it’s
already open with a document, you’ll be pasting into that document. So,
you might want to check if you’re in an untitled document and if not,
open one before the pasting, but after the activation.