Any ways to calculate the Clipboard from a variable clipboard

Cliptop gives me the top clipboard value. If I insert 8 in the prompt, the value of the variable Cliptop will be the 24th clipboard.

Then, I want to calculate the rest of the clipboards from that starting point.

I know these are not working. But, I was trying to paste the 19th, 16th and 14th clipboards: by subtracting from the top.


How can I do this?

You cannot use tokens within tokens like that. You could do something using the Process Tokens filter, but there is no need, the PastClipboard field takes a calculation directly.


You might like to review the TextField wiki topic for the different types of fields. In this case, there is a text field containing the PastClipboard token, and within that the section between the % characters is actually a numeric calculation, so effectively a numeric field.

Thank you Peter.