Anyway to detect duplicate keyboard shortcut?

I often assign some keyboard shortcut to KM and then realise it is being used by another app and triggers two actions at once. One from KM and one from another app.

Is there anyway to detect if I’m using the already assigned shortcuts?

I use this critter.


Thanks, Chris.

I had checked KeyCue before posting here. I couldn’t find an easy way to detect in keycue to see if particular shortcut is assigned or not. I need to go through a huge list of shortcuts to see if it’s already assigned or not.

Is there a feature in keycue where I can press a shortcut and see if it’s already assigned?

Move your cursor over the bottom of the KeyCue window, and a find field will show up.

Enter a letter there.

From there you can add modifier keys.


Thank you, Chris. Will have another look into KeyCue.