Apple Events timed out (-1712)


I have a beautiful KM macro that has been working perfectly for almost two years.
It copies info from a database form, field by field, to coordinated Named Clipboards, then shifts applications to Apple's "Mail" and constructs an email with said clipboards results, afterwards shifting back to the database to copy it's next record, then back to Mail to create another email, etc.

This database has grown quite large, and lately there are many more emails to send than there used to be. However, after working flawlessly for so long, I have been of late experiencing problems with the process, and the clipboard's data somehow gets out of sync, resulting in the incorrect data filling in the Mail fields.

I thought it was a matter of timing, as can be the case with other KM macros, so I started playing with different pauses here and there, but the problem persisted.

Today I kept my eyes glued to the screen as the macro attempted the building of 40 consecutive emails. It appears the culprit is a system error window that only pops up for a second or two before it is covered up by a new Mail message window. That seems to be what is screwing up the timing of the macro and thus allowing it to error.

The system warning window states:

"AppleEvent Timed Out
Keyboard Maestro Engine got an error: AppleEvent Timed Out. (-1712)."

I've searched this forum for a similar problem report, but to no avail. Can anyone please shed some light on this problem and it's solution.



Can you please post your macro here? There is a share button in the file menu of the editor