Apple Mail – Select the Email Body

Hi! Is there any keyboard shortcut in order to switch from the address field to the text field in mail directly? As far as I can see, there is no possibility to go via tab to this section. Thx for your support.

Pressing tab a bunch of times works for me. It does require me to not change the visibility of the BCC field (so I have it always showing). Also, attachments mess it up a bit as they add another button to tab past (which means it’s no longer a consistent number of tabs).

It’s probably possible via AppleScript but you’d need someone more well versed than me, and it will also be a question of whether or not it’s worth it to do it that way.

Hey @jhkar,

No – and yes.

There's no slick built-in method.

But – you can generally Shift-Tab to get from the To-field to the body.

And then there's AppleScript UI-Scripting:

How Do I Move Cursor to the Body of a Apple Mail Message? - #5 by ccstone

This AppleScript still works for me on Mojave but might require revision for later versions of macOS.


thx for your reply. pressing tab works as long as the cursor comes to the "from:" or "signature" field. then tab doesn't work anymore. I can't get control over it? is there any chance to disable both fields (from:, signature)?

Five Returns (or Enters) work for me.

Type Keystroke cmd+N
Repeat Action 5 times
add Type Keystroke Return

Works for me in Monterey 12.0.1

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fine thx. 5 returns works...

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