Apple still sells an extended keyboard

I apologize for making this a separate post. I that in one of my posts I bemoaned the fact that Apple no longer makes an extended keyboard, given how much I use keypad keys bound to macros (as well as assigning them actions in my development environments). I know I saw at least one person saying this somewhere online.

IIt turns out that Apple does still makes an extended keyboard, which is probably the most elegant keyboard ever designed. A bargain at $49. The key response is delightful, with very little movement. I don’t mind the wire at all – I just have it plugged in to a USB extension cord.

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Couldn’t agree more! I have 3 of them. One for my home computer, one for my work laptop when it’s plugged in at home, and one for my work laptop when it’s at work.

Although I’m retired now, so 2 of them are redundant. :slight_smile: Love, love, love this keyboard. Didn’t think I would because I’m used to pounding on the keyboard, but it holds up just fine.

Plus, 19 function keys. Yahoo!

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