AppleScript Pop Up Menu switch

Hi I wrote this apple script that is working. But after performing this click I need to select a value from that pop up menu. I tried set value to, i tried click menu item "value" and nothing is working.

I also tried to automate with keystroke but after perfoming the click, it last 2-3 seconds before performing next instruction. So it useless.

tell application "System Events"
  tell process "Pro Tools"
    click pop up button "Processing Input Mode" of window "Audio Suite: RX 7 Connect"
  end tell
end tell

That should be possible, but since I don't have the Pro, I can't inspect or test it.

If you want to record, and post, a short video showing manually (no scripts) what you want to do, then I'll take a look and see if I can make an educated guess. Be sure to narrate the video explaining in detail what you are doing, and what value you want to get. Also, just record the region of the screen that is active in your example.

If you don't have a good tool to record and share a video, then I'd suggest CloudApp. It is free and is pretty easy to use.

BTW, when you post a script, please post using the Forum Code Block.