Applescript To Prompt user for Folder location?

I would like to prompt for a Folder location (currently hardcoded in my macro). I am not proficient with Applescript, and wondering if anyone has done this before? (Applescript?) Prompt user for a Folder Location… then return the folder / path into a KM macro variable (that I can post Macro result files into later)?

Something like this should do it:

Keyboard Maestro “Choose file with AppleScript” Macro

Choose file with AppleScript.kmmacros (3.0 KB)

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Thanks Jimmy! I’ll plug it into the fuller Macro tonight, but a quick test on my MacBook worked! Slight change to:
tell application “SystemUIServer” to return POSIX path of (choose folder)

Then I needed to throw a “Pause” in the macro, or was getting an error. Really appreciate the help!