Application In Groups Keeps Changing

For some reason the application in my MS Excel group keeps changing. I think this happens as MS Excel updates but it has happened dozens of times. If it is possible to stop this from happening that would be great, though I suspect this is probably out of Keyboard Maestro's control. It doesn't happen with any other application that I have updated.

The first image is what it should be, the second image is what it keeps changing to. I am not a fan of the new MS Excel since it is so much slower than the previous version but I do need to use it on occasions so I keep it around.


Any ideas anyone? it has done this 3 more times since this post.

I used to see this same issue when switching between two different Macs where both versions of Excel were installed on one Mac, but the other Mac had only one version. Could something like that be happening with your situation too, or is this happening on a single Mac that doesn’t sync its macros?

Thanks for the help and suggestion. I do sync between two Macs but both macs have the both versions of Excel since I have to switch between the two of them on both.

I have two versions of the application 4D on my Mac. This happens to me all the time. I set it up with:

Available in 4D (old)
Available in 4D (new)

And under various circumstances it will revert to having both of them be 4D (old). Annoying, but I just have to remember when the macro does not work that this is likely the problem and reset it. I do not know the cause or cure. But just the comfort that comes with knowing someone is in the same boat.

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So I go and manually update it. But eventually it will revert to what is see in the first image.

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Yeah I have thought about renaming the application or moving one of them to a different folder but sometimes that doesn’t allow the application to update properly though in this case with Microsoft Office I don’t think it would stop it just have the wrong name in the end. Thanks for your post.

Hopefully @peternlewis can chime in, it is doing this all the time now and it is not related to updates and I haven’t even opened up the new version of Excel on either computer and it is now switching to both icons to the new version. I wonder what triggers this, perhaps the update of Keyboard Maestro 8.2 (which is great) in this case because that is the only thing I can think of that changed.

Keyboard Maestro remembers applications primarily based on their Path, and secondarily based on their bundle ID.

So if the application exists at the same path on all Macs that you are syncing to, and that is the application path you have selected, then it should not change.

However, if the path to the application changes, if the application is not available at exactly the same path on all Macs, or if the app is running translocated so the apparent path of the running application changes, then all bets are off, and Keyboard Maestro will re-find the app based on the bundle ID, which might find any version on your Mac.

You can export the macro in question that has a problem (or for a group, and single macro in the group), and then look at the XML to see the application path, which might indicate the problem.

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Thank you Peter that was very helpful, it looks like I moved it accidentally to a different drive on one of the computers so it was similar to what @gglick said but in my case it was on both computers just not at the same file path which I think was messing it up. Hopefully it won’t change anymore though I just did that a week or so ago so I’ll see what I can figure out if it does this again.