Application Switcher Confusion

In KM 9.0.6 I am seeing strange behavior with the application switcher. Everything was fine until I installed Xcode beta. At times KM seems to get confused about Xcode and Xcode-beta and thinks I am in a different one.


  • launch Xcode-beta then quit (so that it is in the KM application cache)
  • launch Xcode


  1. Start in Xcode
  2. Use application switcher (⌘-Tab) to move to another app at least more than one position in the KM palette.
  3. Now normally an ⌘-Tab would bring you back to Xcode, but on my system it jumps to the Xcode-beta slot (which is grey because it is not running)

I also looked to see where to disable the inclusion of historical apps but came up with nothing.



Maybe you have to change this