Application Switcher doesn't allow you to "escape"?

I’m a new-ish KM Application Switcher, noticing things that behave differently than I expect. The OS X Application Switcher allows you to cancel switching after you trigger it by hitting Esc before letting go of the Command key. The KM Application Switcher doesn’t respond to Esc–is there a different key that does this?

Alternatives are to either do a switch, then switch back, or rotate around to the original application in the Application Switcher. Both are inconvenient, compared with a simple “cancel” operation.

The application switcher responds to escape, so I’m a bit confused.

You can also press Shift, and then let go to stay.

Clearly, I’m denser than most! :slight_smile:

When I press Cmd-Tab to invoke the KM App Switcher (and focus on the app to the right), and with the Cmd key still down (but the Tab key up), press Escape, nothing happens–the App Switcher is still up. (If I do the same thing in the OS App Switcher, the OS App Switcher goes away, and I stay in my current app.)

I haven’t found another way to press Escape while the KM App Switcher is up that dismisses it.

Yes, Shift works to step backwards, but you have to press it the exact number of times that you’ve already pressed Tab, to end up on the app you started. (I do this sometimes, using the App Switcher as a way to visualize the open apps, range up and down while I’m thinking, then decide that I want to stay in the app that I started in. A strange habit?)

Perhaps you have a hot key for Command-Escape? Or something else is blocking it.

Yep. Escape was hacked. Thanks!