Application Switcher: Ignore 1 App When Hiding All Apps

I use the button

Press “d” to switch directly to the current app and hide other applications.

often to hide all apps except current. However, there is one app(besides the current app) that I always want to be visible also.

I noticed the shortcuts

  • Press “a” to hide (or show) “always included” applications.
  • Press “e” to show (or hide) “always ignored” applications.

But pressing these shortcuts does not seem to be doing anything. I tried to add my app to "Always include these applications:" in the macro, but that didn't seem to help. There is no option for "always ignored" apps in the macro.

I currently resolved to pausing 5s after cmd+tab, and then activating my second app. It works but is not ideal.

“a” works for me if I set an app in the always include application parameter of the action. The first time I had to hit it twice before the app showed up. Of course it only works while the switcher is visible on screen. So as my trigger for it is cmd-tab, I have to type the a key before releasing the command key.

The excluded settings is in the preferences of the keyboard maestro app.

I see, hide (or show) means that the apps will be hidden or shown in the application switcher, not in OSX.

That is not what I'm looking for. Im looking for a way to make another app, besides the selected app in the Application Switcher, to stay visible all the time.

Even if I press

“d” to switch directly to the current app and hide other applications.

I want this one app to stay visible in OSX (It is an overlay app on my screen)

The macro that will activate this desired app after a pause works pretty well so I am not too bothered by it.

Hey Tonis,

Use a global macro with an application trigger: