Application Switcher: Sort - Always include these applications

Is it possible to sort (manually) the apps chosen in Application Switcher for "Always include these applications"? Thank you

Yes. The 'Application Switcher' action has option for that.

See the KBM Wiki here - manual:Application Switcher [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

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@Steve_E Absolutely cannot tell you how many times I looked at that entry in the Wiki without seeing the mention that is there of sort option. And I am certainly not going to tell you that just last week, I actually did see this and, in fact, set the sort order to alphabetical. Somehow, I forgot all that today. How embarrassing! Thank you for your response and directing me to where I started. Yikes! Again, thank you.


@glan imagine how you'll feel in a few months/years when you search for the same answer and find this thread. (not that I've don't that) :slight_smile:

@evanfuchs Indeed!