Apply Style to Clipboard :: Variable/Calculation in Font Size?

Am I right in thinking that I shouldn't be trying to set the Font Size parameter in an Apply Style to Clipboard action using a Variable/Calculation ?

The field does show a C at right, on non-numeric entry, but the expressions I've tried, like

  • %Variable%chordfontSize%
  • %Calculate%chordfontSize%

leave the expression inked in red, and don't seem to be parseable, so I guess it's either a no-go area, or I'm getting my grammar wrong.

(macOS 11.6.1, Keyboard Maestro 10.0.2)

I might have the answer for you....

If the field shows a C at the right, that means you do NOT enter the words Variable or Calculate. You just enter the names directly.

It's a mistake I make about once per year.


Thank you – I keep forgetting how well-built these actions are.