April Fools Prank

Ok, this may not be very appropriate for the forums, but April 1st is coming up and I was wondering if anyone has ever considered using KM for a little fun. I work in a photo studio where up to 20 computers are syncing. I don’t want to create a prank that is too detrimental because this is a high pace production environment. I thought of maybe a certain key when pressed could run an applescript that would just play a silly iLife sound effect or something. Any ideas, or have I just crossed the line? hehe.

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Well, I would not condone such things of course, but if I did, I might do something like this - make sure you use the USB Device Key trigger since it does not intercept the key and therefore does not stop the computer working. And don't use "E" like I did either, it comes up far too often when typing!

Prank.kmmacros (2.2 KB)

But again, I definitely do not endorse such uses of Keyboard Maestro.

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Haha, pretty good! I might go with speaking “Cheese” when command+K is pressed which is the hotkey to release the camera shutter (yes it’s a photo studio). The camera will still fire, but that should get pretty annoying quickly!