Arbitrary iTunes volume adjustment?

I would like to set up shortcuts that can adjust the iTunes volume up or down by something more like 5% than 10%. 10% is usually too much, and I switch to iTunes and use the keyboard shortcuts there which use a smaller percentage. Am I just missing a way to edit the default actions, or do I need to use AppleScript or something to do this?

Hey @fitzage,

Keyboard Maestro’s iTunes actions use AppleScript behind the scenes.

You can set the volume pretty flexibly:

tell application "iTunes"
   set currentVolume to sound volume
   set sound volume to currentVolume - 5
end tell


Excellent, thank you. I probably could have easily googled that. I shouldn’t have been concerned about a native method since the AppleScript method is so easy.

Yeah, except KM has so many features, and it seems impossible to know them all, so I think asking about a native method was a good idea.