Arrange two apps in split screen


I bought Keyboard Maestro and I would like to have a macro which is doing the following:

  1. launch Mail and OmniFocus and
  2. want to arrange them on my second screen (main screen is my laptop screen) so that
  3. they are in the split screen view (the one where I have effectively full screen with two apps) and OmniFocus left and Mail on the right.

I found out how to launch, but how can I put them into the split screen view? This idea for a macro was one of there reasons why I bought Keyboard Maestro…

I am talking about the "real" split screen here as described at e

Any suggestions?

The manipulate a window feature allows you to "move and resize" according to any parameters you want. There are even preset size and locations, such as "left half" and "right half".

If your menu bar and task bars auto hide then resizing the windows this way will indeed use up the entire screen. If your menu and task bars are static (i.e. they don't move from their position on the screen) then it will expand the windows to fill the space between those two bars.