Assertion Failure when Executing Shortcut

I've created a KM macro with a single Execute Shortcut action which runs a simple Shortcut (to back up all my Shortcuts to a folder). The macro seems to run correctly (the Shortcut runs and a backup file is created) but I then get a KM notification saying that the macro was cancelled with

Assertion Failure in - [WFGenericFileContentItem ...

Any thoughts in what could be causing this?

Same thing here. Not really expecting an answer anytime soon!

What's the full error?

WFGenericFileContentItem is not a Keyboard Maestro class, and since Shortcuts stems from the original Workflow app, my guess is “WF” stands for Workflow and that it is where the assertion is coming from.

Keyboard Maestro canceling the macro will likely be caused by the shortcuts utility returning an error code.

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