Attach a Specific File to a Draft Email Ready to Go in Apple Mail

I want to attach a specific file (it'll always be the same file) to an opened email that is already addressed, content written and ready to go.

Attaching files to emails has already been discussed, but I can't find anything addressing the above specifications.

Many thanks.

It'll really help if you provide some details -- starting with whether you are using Mail, Outlook, some other MUA, web app to Gmail or similar...

Sorry, I'm using Mail on a Mac

Hey Joe,

You can't. Period.

That is to say that Keyboard Maestro's mail action cannot work with open draft emails – nor can AppleScript (KM's action uses AppleScript under the hood).

This is because Apple is lazy, stupid, and really doesn't care about providing proper usability in scriptable apps. (You can do this all day long in Microsoft Outlook.)

Your only choice is to brute-force the UI.

A) You can replicate the steps of doing this manually through Mail's menu system.

B) You can replicate drag and drop using found images. I've done this successfully a few times – dragging the selected file in the Finder to a specific location in an app.

C) Come to think of it you could do this more conveniently by putting the desired file onto the macOS Clipboard as a file reference and then pasting it into the front Draft window in Mail.

Set Clipboard to File Reference action.

I'd go with item C myself.



Ooooh -- that's nice! Confirmed working, at least on my Mojave test machine.


C is perfect; exactly what I'm looking for.
Many thanks.

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Many thanks.

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